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Her story...

Singer/Songwriter Victoria Jones was born in Huntsville, Alabama. Inspired by her life, people and the world around her, Victoria Jones began singing and songwriting at the age of fifteen in her bedroom. In 2016 Victoria released her debut EP "White Butterfly." With all songs written and composed by her, Victoria joined forces with 318 Productions of Huntsville, AL, recording her works as an Independent artist, having mixing done by Canita Quite Girl Rogers and mastering by Grammy Nominated Kelvin Wooten (former producer of The BeeGees, TLC, Anthony Hamilton and more.)

Her soulful voice and musicality is a blend of neo-soul, pop, and R&B. Victoria seeks to write music that speaks to everyday life and situations. "We are all going through a process. Like a White Butterfly, our lives consists of experiences in which we are cocooned and ever being unraveled by the winds of Life to grow. Our dreams, our work, our life and the boldness we walk it out with, all amount to Love-- the laying down of ourselves to better someone else. No matter what Life gives us or where it takes us, we are Becoming. "

White Butterfly streams in over 36 different countries including Great Britian, France, and the Phillipines. See where we've flown... 


White Butterfly

White Butterfly | \  ˈhwīt ,  ˈwīt  but·ter·fly   \  -ˌflī \ |

A rapid change or sudden transtion in life. A pure transformation.

We are all going through a process. We go from being dreamers to doers-- doers to ones balancing the complexities of life and ourselves--from doers to ones that chose to live for now in the moments in-between. From living for now to the leading of life with boldness, we then get to the end of ourselves to see that our dream, our work, our lives, and boldness were never about us and all amount to Love--the giving of oneself to edify someone else. All of this is  wrapped up and cocooned in the process of our lives for us become all that Christ has created us to be.

-White Butterfly 

White Butterfly | Uptown New York City | Live For Now | Be Bold | Echo

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