Victoria jones

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Her story...

Singer/Songwriter Victoria Jones from Huntsville, Alabama— works produced by Grammy Nominated Kelvin Wooten and 318 Production’s Canita “QuiteGirl” Rogers—is a soulful blend of neo-soul, pop, and R&B. She began writing music at the age of fifteen. Inspired by life, people and the world around her, Victoria Jones seeks to write music that speaks to everyday life and situations. 

"We are all going through a process. Our dreams, our work, our life and the boldness in which we lead, all amount to Love-- the laying down of ourselves to edify someone else.”

Upon the release of her debut EP "White Butterfly,” Victoria’s music has gone on to stream in over 36 countries (i.e Great Britian, France, and the Phillipines) and has affored her festival stages and opening for chart topping artists. Enjoy the music and continue on this musical journey with her.


Check out my music video to my new Single called Ebb & Flow.